About Me

Visual Artist Based in Budapest, Hungary

Independent Fine Art Professional
Place of Birth: Nyíregyháza, Hungary
Date of Birth: 26th of March, 1968


My Aim as an Artist

Art should make people conscious of unconscious things that may remain unconscious even consciously. The objctive of my art is some sort of status report. It is the current representation of states experienced as a necessity. Everything that happens to me and makes me percieve.

The irrational reality my artwork present I wish to raise unconscious interest in areas of the modern art. I offer a sort of ‘literacy’ to the recipient with a degree of interactivity that expects the spectators be active: it will not let them become absorbed passively in the view, but will force them think.

The process of my artwork is a „war” of ideas, it is a constant and unsolvable conflict within me, during which layers appear and disappear on my canvas representing different atmospheres. Creation is not a linear process, instead a mixture of signs, symbols and atmospheres unbound of time.

I exclude and discard the surface, the didactic elements of the consumer society from the monotonous urban background noise, and through further analysis of the visual details of the mapped reality I put the emphasis on the basic symbols which are characterized by simultaneity and malleability.

Artist Statement

“This is the imaginational spirit of existence: everything is heavy with meaning and everything must be soothed. The spirit of existence in sin and atonement.”

Vilém Flusser

It is the ambition to create multilayered picture compositions that stands in the centre of my actions, which consist of the synthesis of event-debris, informel, hard-edge shape fragments and sometimes entirely banal momentums. The pictures examine the contaminating properties of hitherto unspoken contents in the memetic sense, so, when analyzing the surface of the paintings, we speak about none other, than the presence-demonstration of the current meta-subjective idea.

The result of my approach to art is the insertion of my personal world of sensations – as the rationally and verbally indefinable whole feeding on external impulses, into an individually communicative entity (piece of art), which is then, in the distress of articulation, moulded into picture modules. The inner image hence turned external is, on the one hand, built of the posteriority of recognition, and the psycho-mirror reconstructed from the present, on the other, that is, the perception of magical realms carrying the subject of trauma.

According to my worldview, the original position of human beings can neither be found in Nothing nor in Information, but somewhere stuck in between these two entities, in a state, called Noise, or in other words, in the stream of uncomprehended background messages completely disturbing meaningful enquiry. Therefore, information Noise, which overwrites physical reality in the imagination, and then, causes trauma in the course of perception, becomes the ultimate basic experience in the process of conceiving the image. The trauma pushes in two opposite directions: destruction and creativity. The possible messages, which bear the contents of the communicative entities, can be composed along this dichotomy.

All this – or the process, in which the shapes are turned into form – happens with incredible speed, or rather simultaneously: on a different – mostly not pictorial-emotional, but pictorial-intellectual level of consciousness sustained by particular environments, or spheres. Therefore, all shapes can disappear just as quickly as they came into being. The rightful claim for meta-subjectivity in this case, is the reference to transhuman recollection. Interestingly enough, this process examples my own approach to my creations. I seek to perform the optical destruction of my artworks by continuous rethinking (repainting, over-painting, and reassembling), in the course of which the older layers sink into the new ones. Retrospectively, it is a behaviour that only respects the intellectual value of the work, regardless of the – here manifest – finite autonomy of the surface.

By the continuous contextual changes, my installations create such a real form of imitation, – or form of existence – in which there is no determined and recorded time: my works never actually reach a completely finished state. By this means, the multi-time pictorial information – or the universal world of picture-modules created by the continuous reinterpretation of both material and spiritual basics – demonstrating the transition between the pictorial-intellectual sphere of consciousness and the physical environment is established.


Educational Experiences, Schools and Studies

1982 – 1986

Kossuth Lajos Secondary Grammar School
Nyíregyháza, Hungary Graduate Study

1987 – 1991

College of Nyíregyháza, Hungary
Bachelor of Science


Selected Solo, Group and Other Exhibitions

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • July 2018 Artpool and Museum of Fine Arts, Kapolcs (Hungary) – ‘Holonic Realizm’
  • March 2018 Artpool P60 Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘P60 / Gy50’
  • August 2017 Ateliers Pro Arts Gallery, with Ákos Bánki Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Hypermetropia’
  • October 2015 Faur Zsófi Gallery, with Judit Horváth Lóczi Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Prophets / Untrue Prophets’
  • April 2015 Ludwig Museum, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Iconuu’
  • March 2015 Mono Art & Design Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Traumaverzum’
  • March 2014 Kepes Institute, Eger (Hungary) – ‘Telling The Truth’
  • September 2012 Mono Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Kleintierklinik’
  • May 2012 Sajtóház Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Mee-Nee-Mal’
  • April 2012 Holdudvar Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Hyperpassive’
  • October 2011 Csöp | Po:Cs Gallery, Székesfehérvár (Hungary) – ‘Peeling’
  • May 2011 Budapest Fiction Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Pixelutioner‘
  • September 2010 Óbudai Társakör Gallery, with Judit Rita Rabóczky, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Metamorph Therapy‘
  • July 2010 G13 Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Stereoid‘
  • June 2010 Republic Gallery – Bring The Art Home, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘ManDinner‘
  • April 2010 Portfolio Points – Loffice, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Hásómaci‘
  • September 2009 Werk Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Botoxpolir‘
  • March 2009 Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin (Germany) – ‘DioxinDauer‘
  • January 2009 T-systems Workshop, Telecom Headquarters, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Virtual Solutions’
  • May 2008 Ee Fine Art Gallery, Cambridge (UK) – ’Art Of The New Age – Exceptional Contemporary Collages’
  • September 2007 K.A.S. Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Torkig – Dyspepsia Budapest‘
  • April 2007 Kleintierklinik Gallery, Berlin (Germany) – ’Dyspepsia‘
  • November 2006 Óbudai Társaskör Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Bricklounge’
  • June 2006 Aranytíz Culture Center, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Ape Control’
  • May 2005 Artpool P60 Exhibition Space, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Art Regained’
  • December 2004 Kunsthalle Menue Point – Project Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Subfactor’

Art Fairs

  • May 2019 ZiggY ArtFair, Budapest (Hungary)
  • July 2014 Artplacc, Tihany (Hungary) – Stand Of Mono Gallery
  • August 2013 Artplacc, Tihany (Hungary) – Stand Of Mono Gallery
  • November 2012 Millenaris Park, Budapest (Hungary) – Art Market Budapest
  • November 2010 Krisztina Palace, Budapest (Hungary) – Art Market Budapest
  • March 2008 Main Hall, Dublin (ROI) – Art Ireland Spring Collection

Works in Public Collections

  •  Museum of Fine Arts (Budapest)


  • August 2009 @RC Billboard And Citylight Exhibition
  • August 2008 Coca-cola Alu Bottle Exhibition
  • August 2007 @RC Billboard And Citylight Exhibition
  • November 2006 Sneaker Pimps Budapest – Exhibition, Shoes ‘Raptor’
  • August 2006 @RC Billboard And Citylight Exhibition
  • July 2006 First Cowparade Budapest
  • August 2005 @RC Billboard And Citylight Exhibition
  • August 2005 Art.Com, International Call For Art: Artistic Urbanism Competition – Grand Prize
  • August 2004 @RC Billboard And Citylight Exhibition

Selected Group Shows

  • February 2019 Galerie Salon Halit Art, Berlin (Germany) – ‘Your Art Beat’
  • November 2018 Eötvös10 Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Light Etudes’
  • September 2018 2nd International Digital Art Triennal, Szekszárd (Hungary)
  • September 2018 Blitz Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Urban Heroes’
  • January 2018 D17 Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Superheroes’
  • June, 2017 Weserburg Museum of Modern Art – ‘Artists’ Books for Everything’
  • May 2017 MaMü Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Medium Conjurors’
  • February 2017 D17 Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Virtual Icons’
  • December 2016 Harom Het Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Wintermarket’
  • November, 2016 The Academy Of Hungary In Rome, Rome (Italy) – ‘Misericordia’
  • October 2016 Bartók1 Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Animalia’
  • May 2016 Lemonade Gallery, London (England) – ‘Them’
  • April 2016 Muveleti Terulet Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Image Transformers’
  • February 2016 D17 Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Facebook, Likes, Selfies… Social Loneliness Among Us’
  • November 2015 Fabrica De Pensule Center, Cluj-napoca (Romania) – ‘MachineMan’
  • May 2015 D17 Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘MachineMan’
  • April 2015 Kunsthalle, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Here And Now – Fine Arts’
  • January 2015 A.P.A. Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Grand Openin ‘Lights On’
  • December 2014 Mono Art & Design Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Grand Opening’
  • November 2014 Klauzál13 Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Nyers / Raw’december
  • October 2014 Hungarian Cultural Institute, Moszkva (Russa) – ‘Repainted Reality’
  • August 2014 Hungarian Cultural Institute, Helsinki (Finnland) – ‘Repainted Reality‘
  • June 2014 Nickart Gallery, Pécs (Hungary) –’No Name’
  • May 2014 Bunker Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Park Fiction’
  • April 2014 Telep Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Idol‘
  • April 2014 Balassi Institute, Stuttgart (Germany) – ‘Neugemalte Wirklichkeit‘
  • February 2014 Latarka Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Necromonicon’
  • February 2014 Hungarian Embassy, Brussels (Belgium) – ‘Repainted Reality‘
  • January 2014 Hungarian Embassy, Wien (Austria) – ‘Neugemalte Wirklichkeit‘
  • December 2013 Hungarian Embassy, Berlin (Germany) – ‘Neugemalte Wirklichkeit‘
  • June 2013 The Academy Of Hungary In Rome, Rome (Italy) – ‘ReAltá Ridipinta 2.0’
  • March 2013 B55 Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Parallel Directives’
  • December 2012 Galleria Dei Raggi, Rome (Italy) – ‘ReAltá Ridipinta 1.0’
  • September 2012 Bunker Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Robotinvasion, Artplacc After’
  • September 2012 Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Repainted Reality’
  • August 2012 Cellarage Of The Benedictine Abbey, Artplacc, Tihany (Hungary) – ’Robotinvasion’
  • April 2012 Museum Of Local History, Salgótarján (Hungary) – ’Prototypia’
  • March 2012 Loffice Coworking Wien, Vienna (Austria) – ’It’s Spring, Let’s Freshen Up Your Artistic Wardrobe’
  • March 2012 Studio Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Radiospective Nuclear Art’
  • August 2011 Borderland Gallery, Art Colony Of Cered (Hungary)
  • April 2011 Loffice – Portfolio Points 2011, Budapest (Hungary) ‘Bring The Art Home‘
  • February 2011 B55 Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Urban Art’
  • May 2010 G13 Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘BP Psych Bp Spirit‘
  • June 2009 Present Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ‘Can’t Be Stolen‘
  • March 2009 Chinese Characters Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Launch Exhibition’
  • January 2009 Ferenczi And Partners Auction House And Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Plastic Fantastic’
  • December 2008 Octogonart Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) – ’Sacrilege‘
  • March 2008 Artpool P60 Exhibition Space, Budapest (Hungary) – ’N+1/2008‘ Dimensionist Worldwide Meeting
  • December 2007 Ee Fine Art Gallery, Cambridge (UK) – ’Art Of The New Age’
  • December 2005 Artpool P60 Exhibition Space, Budapest (Hungary) – ’ The Experimenter And The Art Of Perception’
  • May 2004 Lomographic Exhibition, Goethe Institute, Bruessels (Belgium)
  • April 2004 Lomographic Exhibition, Aarhus (Denmark)
  • December 2003 Gallery International, Baltimore (Maryland, U.S.A.) – ’Contemporary Art From Around The World’
  • April 2003 Gallery International, Baltimore (Maryland, U.S.A.)